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GrandEver Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, mainly engaged in pharmaceutical and food industrial for machinery manufacture and automatic process control design services. We are agents or distributors of the high quality equipment and supplies for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry and clinical medicine and health applications. With a large number of customers, uphold the " integrity and pragmatic , the customer first , the pursuit of growth" business philosophy of providing quality products and customized services , in pursuit of long-term customer satisfaction and to execute the sustainable business development spirit of enterprise.

[INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY AND PROCESS CONTROL AUTOMATION DESIGN SERVICES The INVERTER integrated Energy & Power Saving/Environmental Protection and Carbon Reduction Engineering Planning Services]

We provide customers with all aspects of automation integration and overall planning, such as machine development and production, circuit and automatic control switchboard design and production, HMI/PLC programming, system planning, SCADA graphic control and monitoring software planning integration design, power circuit planning and other services. Integrated peristaltic pump / pressure valve / alarm box / pressure, pH value, flow sensor / high precision thermal mass gas flow meter and controller / temperature, humidity, conductivity, tension, edge corrector and other sensors / Gas analyzers/and other equipment used for production or quality control.

* Production of automatic continuous monitoring and control system: low-voltage/high-voltage switchboard(220V~22.8KV), control panel, power receiving box/meter box, and Electrical Distribution Cabinet bodies with key tags customized production. Servo motor / automatic control with the feeder distribution switchboard manufacture and test run support.
* Peristaltic pump / valve fluid transport planning and control processes and Mechanical piping and instrumentation diagram/drawing (P&ID) and 3D simulation display of design architecture.
* Customized Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Programmable Logic Control (PLC) systematically design services, Login Privilege setting according to customer's preference and supporting customers implement IQ/OQ validation for fulfilling the compliance requirements.
* SUS304 / SUS316 / stainless steel trolley body and valve design with IP65/IP66 certificates of material.
* Automatically recording and backing up the complete operational data, formula and error messages during processes or any setting changes for FACILITATING customer's computerized systems compliance and validation using the GAMP5 Guide.
* Energy saving and Carbon reduction engineering and integrating the needed components for building up a manufacture plant with the fully automation production processes.
* Key Electrical Engineering Element Provider: INV AH-HONG inverters, POD man-machine interface, PLC, SERVO motors, NFB no fuse breaker, MS electromagnetic switches and other needed electrical and electronic components.


Pharmaceutical industry Food Chemistry

  • American original USP/FDA/EPA USP grade sterile packaging Isopropyl Alcohol (sterile IPA or sterile isopropanol) /sterile denatured ethanol (sterile denatured ethyl alcohol). AOAC/FDA/EPA grade peracetic acid / hydrogen peroxide Sporicidal Disinfectant. Concentrated Quaternary Ammonium Detergent Disinfectant. Sterile Hydrogen Peroxide. Bleach Solution. Sterile Concentrated Phenolic Disinfectant. Sterile Concentrated Low pH Disinfectant. Alkaline anionic and nonionic soaking detergent. Pre-Saturated IPA Wipes. Phenolic Surface Disinfectant Wipes. Molecular polymer, a polymer standard.
  • Wireless loggers for temperature, humidity and pressure determinations and validation processes. Full online to offline support! Analytical laboratory used balances/ industrial electronic scales and balances. pH meter/ conductivity meter/ dissolved oxygen meter/ redox potential meter. Digital peristaltic pump / high viscosity mechanical pump / dispensing machines / hose / connector / pipe clamp / cover / gasket / dispensing needle / dispensing rack. Auto-sensing stopper added precision injection pump/syringe pump.
  • A variety of biological agents special affinity chromatography and ion exchange resin separation and various ODS / Polymer base column chromatography. Metal ion chelating resin, synthetic resin adsorption. RO / pure water/ ultrapure water system / RO membrane and resin regeneration services.
  • Prefilter / medium filters / HEPA (HEPA filter) / chemical filter / high temperature filters

Clinical Medical and Healthy Devices

  • Genetic Test / Genome Wide Sequencing / Gut (intestine) flora and probiotics status check by genetic tests
  • Ultrasound diagnostic / non-invasive blood pressure / physiological monitor blood glucose meter connection type
  • Histological staining reagents / microscope and supplies
  • Veterinary urinometer / dipstick urinalysis / urine analyzer
  • Made in Taiwan PVC powder-free gloves / latex gloves / NBR gloves / two, three, four flat non-woven activated carbon masks or paper masks
  • Honeywell Electrostatic precipitators module mounted with the full flow heat exchanger/Purolator Multifunction hidden air cleaners(Purotech Multi-function Purifier PMP- H500 and S500).
  • 3M 9221CP 9222CP Instant Hand Antiseptic with Moisturizer(Made in USA).
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