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2022-5-27 Decon Labs--ready-to-use spray or concentrated, sterile USP grade alcohol/IPA or sterile disinfectants and Cleaners
2022-5-18 Stability of SARS-CoV-2 and other enveloped viruses on surfaces. aseptica Volume 27, 2021 | Issue 1 | Validation and routine control of processes in the H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) steriliser, Pages 39
2022-5-16 網絡研討會邀請Ebro 2022年6月22日(星期三)下午2:00 主題: 食品工業中的 ebro 測量儀器 - 從選擇合適的測量設備到正確的測量 Title:ebro measuring instruments in the food industry-From the selection of the right measuring device to correct measurement. 演講者: Mr. Udo Brocks 由衷歡迎客戶們的共襄盛舉和蒞臨指導
2022-5-13 網絡研討會邀請Ebro 2022年6月3日(星期五)下午2:30 主題: 符合 GMP 的儲藏室測繪 - 8 個步驟 Title: GMP compliant mapping of storage rooms-8 steps to a GMP compliant mapping of storage rooms. 演講者: Mr.Sebastian Schwarz 由衷歡迎客戶們的共襄盛舉和蒞臨指導
2022-4-13 網絡研討會邀請Ebro 2022年5月5日(星期四)下午1:30 主題: 測試食品的保質期-記錄器套組可確保食品安全 Title: TESTING THE SHELF LIFE OF FOOD-Logger sets to ensure food safety. 演講者: Mr.Klaus Glaser 由衷歡迎客戶們的共襄盛舉和蒞臨指導
2022-3-27 網絡研討會邀請Ebro 2022年4月20日(星期三)下午3:00 主題: 應用於醫療行業的專業數據記錄器.了解驗證對蒸汽滅菌器、清洗器和消毒器的重要性Title: Professional Data Logger for Medical Industry. Learn how important validation is for Steam Sterilizer. 演講者: Mr. Iven Kruse, Mr. Helmut Schmidt 由衷歡迎客戶們的共襄盛舉和蒞臨指導
2022-3-13 網絡研討會邀請Ebro 2022年3月23日(星期三)下午2:30 主題: 附件 1 驗證實踐部分_深入了解製藥領域的滅菌程序.Title: Annex 1 Validation Practical Part. Deeper look at the sterilization procedures in the Pharmaceutical field.演講者: Mr. Sebastian Schwarz由衷歡迎客戶們的共襄盛舉和蒞臨指導
2022-3-1 網絡研討會邀請Ebro 2022年3月16日(星期三)下午3:00 主題: 應用於製藥工業的專業數據記錄器Title: Professional Data Logger for Pharma. 演講者: Mr. Sebastian Schwarz, Dr. Allan Javier 由衷歡迎客戶們的共襄盛舉和蒞臨指導
2022-2-7 網絡研討會邀請Ebro 2022年2月23日(星期三)下午3:00 主題: 應用於食品和飲料工業的專業數據記錄器Title: Professional Data Logger for Food and Beverage. 演講者: Mr. Udo Brocks, Dr. Allan Javier 由衷歡迎客戶們的共襄盛舉和蒞臨指導
2021-7-22 ebro Technical Note 技術說明書:Use Of Correct Data Loggers for Vaccines and other Sensitive Pharmaceutical Products 對疫苗和其他敏感藥品使用正確的數據記錄器
2021-7-22 Technical Note 技術說明書: Why you should be using a Refrigerator Thermometer為什麼你應該使用冰箱溫度計_ebro TMX Series系列-Digital Refrigerator Thermometer-數位冰箱溫度計
2021-7-8 Join our webinar! Title: Pharma Validation and Monitoring Solutions. Date: July 14th (Wednesday), 2021 Time: 2:00pm. Presenter: Dr. Allan Javier, Milliya Tsai, Sebastian Schwartz, Sebastian Schwartz.
2021-2-3 GrandEver Biotech_2021 ebro Professional Measurement Technology_Food Pharmaceutical Laboratory industrial
2019-2-14 The Webinar Invitation: We are inviting you to register for Ebro Feb 21st Webinar - Process Qualifications and Validations in Food, Pharma and Medical Industries.
2019-1-3 We have been selected by TPDA for the 9th General Assembly Special Speech Awards which will be held on June 14 th 2019 Speech Topic Implementation of Thermal Process Validation Protocols and Guidelines The Speaker Mr Allan L Javier ebro Xylem Analytics
2017-12-27 ebro Professional Measurement Technology_2018 catalog_FOOD  PHARMACEUTICAL  LABORATORY  MEDICAL  INDUSTRIAL (excl. EBI12)
2017-8-16 ebro Wireless loggers for temperature and humidity. Full online to offline support!
2017-6-2 GrandEver Biotech was set up booth at the 7th Annual General Meeting / Seminar and the 20th Anniversary Exhibition held by Taiwan Parenteral Drug Association(TPDA) on June 2, 2017.
2016-10-7 GrandEver Biotech is going to attend aseptic facility cleaning and disinfection plan seminar hold by Taiwan parenteral drug association(TPDA) as well as having an exhibition booth there. We are expecting your participations and instructions!!!
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