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New Arrival
INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY AND PROCESS CONTROL AUTOMATION DESIGN SERVICES The INVERTER integrated Energy & Power Saving/Environmental Protection and Carbon Reduction Engineering Planning Services
* Production of automatic continuous monitoring and control system: low-voltage/high-voltage switchboard(220V~22.8KV), control panel, power receiving box/meter box, and Electrical Distribution Cabinet bodies with key tags customized production. Servo motor / automatic control with the feeder distribution switchboard manufacture and test run support.
* Peristaltic pump / valve fluid transport planning and control processes and Mechanical piping and instrumentation diagram/drawing (P&ID) and 3D simulation display of design architecture.
* Customized Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Programmable Logic Control (PLC) systematically design services, Login Privilege setting according to customer's preference and supporting customers implement IQ/OQ validation for fulfilling the compliance requirements.
* SUS304 / SUS316 / stainless steel trolley body and valve design with IP65/IP66 certificates of material.
* Automatically recording and backing up the complete operational data, formula and error messages during processes or any setting changes for FACILITATING customer's computerized systems compliance and validation using the GAMP5 Guide.
* Energy saving and Carbon reduction engineering and integrating the needed components for building up a manufacture plant with the fully automation production processes.
* Key Electrical Engineering Element Provider: INV AH-HONG inverters, POD man-machine interface, PLC, SERVO motors, NFB no fuse breaker, MS electromagnetic switches and other needed electrical and electronic components.


70% (v / v) USP grade completely sterile isopropanol (IPA) and sterile denatured ethyl alcohol
P/N 8312, P/N8116
- Can be used in a fully ventilated area.
- Hand-held spray bottle or spray the surface area of the distance 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) were,
Isopropanol solution until completely covered.
-. Decon 8329 for 32oz bag, the packaging can be used with no contact with the nozzle Part
Number 8308 use.
- Far-infrared non-contact nozzle mining processing techniques can be attached through the mounting hardware or with the goods
The sticky strips, can be a battery power supply or supply to A / C AC's, along with the package
Contains a power supply, follow the user manual to install sprinklers on the bags.


3M™ Instant Hand Antiseptic with Moisturizer-Made in USA
3M™ Instant Hand Antiseptic with Moisturizer, P/N 9221
Sweden Camfil high-performance high -quality clean air filter dust collection equipment
Camfil Camcleaner
Sweden Camfil high-performance high -quality clean air filter dust collection equipment
PUROTECH for you to prepare a high-efficiency air cleaning devices, combined with the use of the air flow, which can effectively remove the odor in the air, pathogenic microorganisms, dust, and other allergens ... Protect your home space
Golves and Masks
PVC gloves,latex gloves,NBR latex gloves,active carbon masks,non-woven fabric masks,non-woven cloth masks
Bellingham + Stanley (Xylem Analytics) Hand‐held Digital Refractometer Vet. Opti 38-53
Dual Scale Models Opti 38-53
Test items
Urine Analyzer and Urine test stick Test items, Glucose / ketones / Protein / pH / Blood / Nitrites / Bilirubin / Urobilinogen / S.G. / Leucocytes
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